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SQLExecMS is a tool having almost everything DBA or developer needs to work with MS SQL Server (7, 2000, 2005, 2008), MSDE or Sql Express. It offers variety of functions from development via tuning up to the deployment and data manipulation.

What is SQLExecMS about?

Reliability SQLExecMS keeps working when other tools give up. If you had a trouble, your SQL server did not respond timely, the last thing you would need is a time out from a management tool. You'll never get it from SQLExecMS!
Usability SQLExecMS has a lot of features, which make management and development of your databases more efficient. It is created by professionals and for professionals. Right tool makes a difference!
Mobility SQLExecMS has does not require any installation just 'drop and run'. It does not use DMO or any kind of runtime libraries. All it needs is MCAD and OleDB.
Speed The main goal of SQLExecMS is speed. It is designed to be fast and undemanding.

Who uses SQLExecMS?

 DBA SQLExecMS has all what DBA needs to perform daily duties. Fine tuning does not require the knowledge of complex commands anymore!
  Developers Ability to have easy and quick access to all server resources from one IDE makes development faster and error proof. Script generator makes deployment of your solution (DB, users, jobs, maintenance plans) flexible and painless.
 End users End users of your solution can use the tool for data access and manipulation. No installation - less hassle!

Take a closer look!

Read the Product overview.
Review supported features.
Take a quick online tour.
Read online user manual with screenshots for details.
Check version history for updates in the latest version.
Download fully functional 30-days evaluation copy of SQLExecMS.
Check FAQ.
Read review on db-review.com.
Join discussion forum.



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Version 2.7 (fully 2008 compatible) of SQLExecMS is available for download. Check version history for list of changes

Version 2.6 (fully 2005 compatible) of SQLExecMS is available for download.  Check version history for changes

Version 2.5 of SQLExecMS is available for download. Check version history for changes

The new utility - SQLShell - is available for download  Check details here

The discussion board is opened. We are welcome everybody to share their opinions and ask questions. Forum can be found here.

The development of a new version supporting SQL Express 2005 has begun. Check details here.

Version of SQLExecMS is available for download.
-check version history for changes

Version of SQLExecMS is available for download.
- check  version history
- help is available online and as HTML (.chm) file.
- online tour has been converted from ppt format into pure html.
- PDF version of documentation is available
- some other minor changes of the site interface.

Build is available for download.
- proper usage of job categories during creation/changing jobs has been fixed.
- job categories management has been added in "Job" and "Edit Job" windows.
- connection to slave server in "SQL Compare" window, has been fixed.
- ability to edit object in "Find in objects" has been added.

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